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With a dedication to revealing the essence of stories through meticulously crafted cinematic imagery and unconventional shots, our team finds the true reward in the art of filmmaking.


Specializing in both documentaries and commercials, our portfolio boasts collaborations with renowned brands such as Delta Air Lines, Porsche, Coca-Cola, National Geographic, and many others. Our documentary subjects span from the captivating landscapes of Biscayne National Park to the exploration of caves in the Southeastern United States and Hawaii.


At our core, we foster long-term partnerships built on transparency and trust. We believe that our partners deserve to know the individuals behind their projects and that a deep understanding of their businesses is essential for success. Embracing every project as an opportunity, we approach each assignment with uncommon honesty, engaging in the tough conversations necessary for growth.


In our philosophy, "we" takes precedence over "you" or "them," embodying the belief that collaboration should extend beyond professional boundaries to foster genuine connections. Kindness, gratitude, and a commitment to excellence are the cornerstones of our approach, as we strive to not only elevate brands but also cultivate lasting relationships with our clients.


Driven by our passion for making companies not just successful, but truly valued, we are dedicated to bringing creativity, integrity, and warmth to every project we undertake.

Bird Mountain Media
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Directors. Cinematographers.
Drone Operators. Story Tellers.


@BirdMountainMedia on Instagram

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